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Butterfly in Flight

A Travel Blog

Butterfly in Flight

A Travel Blog

Ana Van de Velde


Ana has become a butterfly, expanding her wings and absorbing beauty wherever she goes.  She has been a lifelong lover of language, culture and travel but has modified her dreams for hard work, commitment, and sacrifice for  family, friends and others, living outside of her sphere. Instead, adventures were often left dusty and temporarily forgotten, on the side. Transformed, She has been able to indulge her passion, spirit of wanderlust and for wonder. Like a migrating butterfly, she has flown from one country to the next, exploring history, lifestyles, and terrain while discovering the nuances of each new place. From the UAE and Oman to Chile and Uruguay to France and Iberia to Japan and Singapore, she has truly earned the title of world traveler. Below are some of her stories that detail numerous adventures around the globe. Like a butterfly in flight, she has embraced each journey, not just the destination. Like a butterfly in flight, she has allowed herself to fully spread her wings.

The Road to Faro

The Journey

Who Are We?

Notes from Bermuda

Pulling Back from the Brink

What To Do About Troubled Times

Following The Shadows

Searching Out the Trail

On The Other Side

Spellbound in Japan

Saudade for Portugal:  Part One 

Porto et al: Breezin’ and Driftin’


The Fragrance of Water

Inhale the Water

Part Two: Saudade for Portugal

Longing On This Distant Way

Lured by a Siren

James and Me

Watch Out James Bond

What Beauty Feels Like

I Know the Feeling

Photos  of the Louvre and The Palace of Versailles taken from online

La Magnifica

Wow! Spain

La Dulzura...

Kindred Spirits

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