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Emeralds and Other Precious Jewels

Emeralds and Other Precious Jewels

They were beautiful …so beautiful:

The jewels of the United Kingdom.

And, as I traveled throughout the land-

Ireland, Scotland and England,

 I envisioned emeralds and other precious jewels.

Stunning, gorgeous, dazzling and enchanting.


In Ireland, I pondered the rough cut emeralds of Belfast: 

Untouched and natural, the Giant Causeway and Cliffs of Moher;

The Wall, a symbol of religious division- Catholics vs Protestants;

Unionists vs Nationalists- equaling political strife.

Chiseled faces, tenacious, pugnacious characters

Are a part of this Irish reality and life.

All in an unfinished state,

I wonder what they will resemble

When no longer irregular and raw

But, polished and smoothed by changing time and fate.


The Duke of Devonshire Emerald, I discovered was Dublin,

The seat of Irish wisdom, clairvoyance and power.

 Here, with their pens,

Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw and Jonathan Swift

Carved the shape of this magnificent treasure as if

They knew that Trinity College would illuminate the Four Gospels-

St. John, St. Luke, St. Mark and St. Mathew

And, guard the precious Book of Kells

With unconditional love and adoration.

Dublin Castle, St. Augustine and St. Patrick’s Cathedrals

Deepened the hue and the value of this precious gem,

Along with Leinster House, the Atlantic Drive, Guinness and Jameson!    


Cork, Waterford and Kinsale were adornments to the central stone.

Who said all of Ireland was green?

For there were vividly colored houses of stucco

In shades of rose, azure, jasmine, and champagne;

Glorious multi-colored flowers hung from the window sills,

 And adorned impressive gardens and parks; and

Cricket jerseys boasted light and navy blue-

All were colored and eye-catching 

Varieties of sapphires, citrines and aquamarines.

They were incredible…so incredible:

The jewels of the United Kingdom were unimaginable;

And, surprising it was, when I beheld La Peregrina Pearl,

Where it had been hidden far away in distant Scotland-

Incomparable, Uruquart Castle on Loch Ness of Inverness

Made my heart stop with its enduring elegance, serenity and calm.

So, it’s understandable why the Grant and MacDonnell clans

Fought to possess this noble and picturesque land.


Orkney Islands, home of the Vikings, was a cluster of small sapphires,

With a multi-carat, amazing diamond set out by prongs.

The Brough of Birsay was this significant gem of eloquence;

From where, along the sides, were channels of blue color-

From the North Sea, to the right, and the Atlantic, to the left,

Reflecting intense topaz hues, in contrast to the diamond’s clarity.

Stunning light, green hills,  pastures, and

Tides from the sea formed the setting of gold.

Standing Stones of Stennes: the Ring of Brodgar, the Watch Stone and Odin

Engraved the stone with heritage and antiquity.

Add Marine Renewable Energy as Orkney’s focus of today,

Its image is polished once more,

As a world leader while, resetting its name, 

To be renowned throughout, before it’s all said and done.


They were miraculous…so miraculous:

The jewels of the United Kingdom are majestic, indeed.

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, all together, comprise England’s Crown Jewels,

Held in the Tower of London for all to see.

Worn by Henry VIII, Ann Boleyn, Mary and Elizabeth,

With regal air, protocol and robes, they sat upon their royal thrones,

With a display of sheer refinement but, also, fabulosity.

Some may say that Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey

Are the added treasures and works of perfection; 

But, I contend that the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square is the prize.

The British jewels have so many glorious facets:

London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Parliament Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, to say the least. 

Beyond, Southampton, Liverpool, Guernsey Island, Dover, Oxford…

Are all certainly too much to behold at once.


They were beautiful…so beautiful:

The jewels of the United Kingdom-

Ireland, Scotland and England.

They were incredible, miraculous and fabulous;

Magnificent, majestic and incomparably beautiful in almost every way-

These emeralds and other precious jewels.

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